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          電話 :0313-4221189

          郵箱 :zjkyixian@163.com

          網址 :http://www.luoguoxiangyou.com/

          地址 :張家口高新技術產業開發區沈孔路8號



          20201124日至1127日張家口一先科技工程有限公司應邀參加了上海新國*博覽中心舉辦的《2020年中國國際工程機械、建材機械、礦山機械、工程車輛及設備博覽會 》。


          下面是張家口一先科技工程有限公司的英文版簡介,請廣大國內、外朋友了解,有采購泵的需要或者經驗方面的交流與探討,可以撥打銷售熱線:15530329217 。

           General Introduction

          Zhangjiakou Yixian Technology Engineering Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technical service. Located at Zhangjiakou Industrial Economic Development Zone, 180km from Beijing, in the Coordinated Development Area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Economic Cycle of Surrounding Bohai Sea, it has advantages in geographical location and convenient transportation.

          Yixian focus on providing intelligent equipment for drainage for shale gas and coal seam, mine treatment, grouting for rock-soil and pile foundation, governing geological disaster, static force dismantling concrete and restoration, dust control in the environment protection industry and so on.

          Yixian company possesses total core intelligent property, its nuclear facility is automatic reciprocating facility featuring in hydraulic driven without rotation parts, automatic inverting, stepless speed regulation, big ratio of volume to power and long working life.  

          The products involves high-pressure pump, ultra-high-pressure pump, high-pressure mud pump, grouting pump, dual-liquid synchronous injection pump, submersible pump, which can be widely used in oil drilling, geological prospecting, dewater for shale gas and coal seam, spray dust, high-pressure water cleaning, static force jet flowing for demolishing concrete, cement pumping in the hydropower, chemical industry and infrastructure. With advanced technology, exquisite process and good after-sale service, the products of Yixian share a high reputation in the customers.    

          Yixian devotes itself to provide high efficiency and flexible conclusion to the customers, from selecting equipment to technical support, from custom made to service on the site. Wherever there is Yixian’s product, wherever there is service from Yixian. The customers’ maxim satisfaction is the only goal of Yixian company.    

          Yixian is always your reliable and trustable partner.